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Historic night at Redzovic Jiu Jitsu Lincoln Square Chicago!

On Monday November 18th, Redzovic Jiu Jitsu Lincoln Square had the great honor of hosting legendary Jiu Jitsu trainer Carley Gracie of the historic Gracie family. Master Carley Gracie shared some of his battle tested self defense and competitive grappling jiu jitsu techniques to a class of over 50 martial artists from various Redzovic affiliated and non affiliated schools. Visiting Guests included Professor Thomas Rozdzynski of Rol Academy in Orland Park, Professor Barry Phillips R Team Deerfield, and Coach Berni and Leon Ambubuyog of Top Level MMA.


At the conclusion of Master Carley Gracie’s seminar our very own Professor Eddie Redzovic was promoted to 4th Degree Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt from the hands of Master Carley Gracie. 4th Degree black belt is an amazing accomplishment awarded to Professor Eddie after 14 years of dedicated training and teaching as a Black Belt.


Congratulations to Professor Eddie as well as the other Redzovic teammates who were promoted this week as well! Congrats Franklin Flores (Blue Belt), Fahad Bhai (Brown Belt) and Leon Ambubuyog (Brown belt)